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Over 120,000 square foot of storage facility segregated into 10,000 and 20,000 square foot unit’s allowing the flow of material in or out to a specific customer dedicated unit. We avoid the storage of highly flammable or hazardous goods, as this may be detrimental to other products. With over 70,000 square foot of racked property with the balance set up in zones for high-volume fast-moving pallet contracts.


All our property is controlled to an ambient temperature with all units fully ADT Police response alarmed and also covered by professional fire and food standard Ecolab pest control services throughout.


Genesis offers excellent consignment and drip feed support to all forms of production, industry and retail, combining our highly organised warehouse facility, staffed with experienced well-trained operatives running our own liveried and dedicated fleet of vehicles offering nationwide finished goods delivery service.


We also undertake numerous pick and pack, inspection, sampling, packing and labelling services.  All products have full traceability via our newly implemented multiuser warehouse management system allowing bespoke automated reporting functions tailored to suit each customer with direct inventory access. The state-of-the-art WMS system is also able to operate at a bar code scanning level and allow customer portal login for direct access and electronic document transfer.


Genesis also handles 20 and 40-foot handball containers offering to load or destuff, palletise, shrink-wrap and label after de-stuffing, both for storage on-site or immediate despatch to the customer.

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